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Prior to working with Total Construction, this project was shut down by mall inspectors that stated the workers were not qualified. Their architect reached out to Total Construction to determine if they could handle the job. Total Construction went in front of the state to get approved prior to moving forward and completing the job.

Providence, Rhode Island
Plumbing, Gas Piping, Construction, Exhaust System

“On one project in particular, stands out as an example of their capabilities. The Ruby Thai restaurant at Providence Place in Providence Rhode Island was a project that was under construction but had run into severe problems. The Architectural plans were inaccurate, the contractor was incompetent, and the project was way behind schedule. After being hired to review and correct the design drawings, I convinced the owners to hire Total Construction to correct the previous builder’s mistakes and complete the construction. Total resolved all of the issues and completed the project 2 weeks earlier than scheduled.”

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Wayne J. Hubbell