We work with insurance companies to make Insurance Claims as easy as possible. 

We have years of construction experience working with insurance property claims. We have developed strong relationships with many insurance companies and have worked on dozens of Insurance Property Claims to make it as easy as possible for all parties involved.

We use our knowledge of construction and experience working with insurance companies to ensure your settlement covers the costs of materials and labor you need to get your home or business repaired.

With over 30 years of experience working on insurance claims for both commercial and residential properties, we know all steps involved with the Insurance Claims Process.

  1. We inspect the damage – We inspect the property and submit an itemized list and price estimate that it will take to repair all of the damage.
  2. Insurance Inspects with us – We will meet the insurance adjuster during the inspection to ensure that all parties agree on the scope of the damage.
  3. Work with Insurance Company – We work with the insurance company to make sure the job is performed properly. You receive an adjustment report from your insurance company that details all of the damage found at the property and how much they will pay for the necessary repairs.
  4. Work Begins – Your Insurance company will setup a payment plan based on the complexity of your claim. You are responsible for using those payments to pay us.

Before and After for Club Mezzo / Primecut in Providence, Rhode Island



If you have a property that you need to place an insurance property claim and have questions about working with Total Construction Inc., fill out our contact form today or call us at 401-454-8497.